Risk Management & Disaster Avoidance Solutions … Transforming Data into Information™

TopDown Analytics

Big Data Analytics for a Small Data Price

We provide detailed data analytics and visualization that result in proactive Risk management solutions by:

  • consolidating ALL your data sources into one cloud-based platform
  • analyzing and visualizing data on dashboards with KPI’s
  • Alerting users when an anomoly condition or disaster may occur, and
  • ensure all stakeholders have 24/7 global access.

Anything Mobile

Enter data with GPS locations, take and upload pictures of accidents, waste water locations, maintenance notes and collect form data and send to the cloud for analytics, visualization and reporting.  We are mobile browser independent and can collect data from any mobile device. 

Too much data is spread throughout a company on standalone systems, spreadsheets, pieces of paper, handheld and mobile devices, enterprise and PC-based systems.  

Our Value Proposition

  • Reduces stakeholder access time to information
  • Reduces management decision cycle times
  • Reduces time and expense of processing
  • Enables stakeholders to integrate, analyze and visualize user and historical data with real-time data
  • Enables stakeholders to access data globally 24/7
  • Requires NO additional IT staffing